A world first training program that integrates mental with the physical, tactical and technical areas of all sports.

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Joe Shaw started a coaching revolution when he began to coach World Cup Junior sports people who were not achieving their full potential and turned them into world champions.

Player Development and Elite Athlete Mental Programs

The EVASHAW(TM) Sports Training and Development Program supplies the Resources that are missing from a typical training program, most importantly they provide the resources for the mental training and preparation of athletes. It demonstrates what to do and how to do it and gives the support and incentives required for an athlete to reach their full potential whatever that may be.

Building the foundation is important for an athlete to improve performance whether it is at club, state, national or international level, and this is what the Evolution of the Athlete Program does perfectly.

For athletes on their journey to elite status, they can be introduced to the Evashaw Elite Mental Program, Athlete's Awareness Elite. This builds on the skills and knowledge imparted by the integrated player development program and again lifts the performance of the athlete.

Why is this elite mental program so important? Put simply: Control your thoughts - Thoughts control your feelings - Feelings control your performance - Your performance controls your results (SHAW). Ultimately, in order to succeed at the elite level you require mental strength. Your Self Image is the key to human behaviour. Change the Self Image and you open up all possibilities. This is where you win the battle, in the playhouse of your Mind. When you see clearly in your Mind you create a success mechanism within you.

This really is the difference that athletes, coaches and parents have been searching for!

Success! The program has been successfully trialled with numerous teams, individuals and coaches with hundreds of success stories, here are just a few:

Individuals: David Palmer who initially could not break into the world top 20 in the discipline of squash, has gone on to achieve two World Individual Championships, four British Open Titles, is the Captain of Australian Squash team, all whilst under this program. The mental program was vital to his success.

Shannon Byrnes, the AFL (Australian Football League) won two Premierships with Geelong and now plays with the prestigious Melbourne Football, a club in the AFL major league, He also won a VFL Premiership Medal.

Zach Itzstein, unranked and outside the top 2,200 in the world and outside the top 80 in Australia. Zach was on the Tennis Program for three years and achieved excellent results culminating in him winning the prestigious Western Australian Tennis Championship in 2013 and the Saudi Arabian Doubles Title in 2012. He is now ranked 2 in W.A. after Matt Ebden the Australian Davis Cup player. 37 in Australia, 898 in the world, and 670 in the Doubles.

Teams: The Mental Program was trialled with Melbourne Storm, (a major Rugby League Team, Australia), in 2005 and some players adopted the full hypnotherapy program with great success. Joe had helped in his own way to turn the team around from a losing streak of 0-5 to a highly successful team.

Coaches: David Palmer successfully coaches his athletes using the Evashaw programs, generating national champions in their respective countries including Canada, Columbia and South Africa Hong Kong and Australia each on their journey to become elite world class players.

+ World first program to integrate mental training with Physical, Tactical & Technical Training early on in an athlete's career

+ Developed in consultation with leading players, coaches and sports hypnotherapists

+ Integrated program specifically designed for athletes on their journey to reaching their full potential

+ Integrated program designed to be used by coaches and parents working with dedicated athletes

+ Mental program specifically designed for pre-elite and elite athletes